Childhood Cancer Facts & Stats
Is Childhood Cancer Really Rare?:
43 children per day diagnosed in the United States
Around 475 Worldwide  
Cancer kills more children than all other childhood diseases combined
"Pediatric" is considered children from birth to 15 years old- There are many teenagers that are diagnosed but not counted in those stats

The causes of most childhood cancers are unknown
Unlike many adult cancers, childhood cancers cannot be prevented

Survival Rates Are Misunderstood:
Many sources will state high survival rates for childhood cancers but when you read that childhood cancer survival rate is 80%; that is only a 5-year survival rate.
Five years is not surviving. 40% will die within 30 years, making the real “survival rate” closer to 60%
The average age of death for a child with cancer is 8 years old

Cured of Cancer Does Not Mean Healthy:
More than 75% of childhood cancer survivors will have a significant health related issues due to the treatment.
Cancer treatments can affect a child’s growth, fertility, and endocrine system.
Radiation to a child’s brain can significantly damage cognitive function
If radiation is given at a very young age, limiting the ability to read, do basic math, tell time or even talk.

Lack of Advances:
In 20 years the FDA has initially approved only three drugs for any childhood cancer.
Some Protocols are 30 years old
Since 1980, fewer than 10 drugs have been developed for use in children with cancer –including those specifically for children and those for both children and adult

Lack of Funding for Research:
Research and Development for new drugs from pharmaceutical companies comprises 60% of funding for adult cancer drugs and close to 0% for childhood cancers.
NCI spends 96% of its budget on adult cancers and only 4% of its budget on children’s cancers.
NCI spends more on 1 type of adult cancer research than they do on all types childhood cancer research combined.
American Cancer Society gives 1% to pediatric research.

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